Why Church?


First, let’s look at some of the reasons why people DON”T come to church:

·       “I’m too busy”

·       “I’m too tired”

·       “It’s scary”

·       “It’s boring”

·       “It’s not necessary”

·       “All the church is interested in is money”

·       “The people there are a bunch of hypocrites”

It’s all probably true; at least some of the time. So, are there any reasons why I SHOULD go to church?

·       God seems to think it’s a good idea- He was the One who made it up the in the first place

·       Even though it’s an imperfect place, you can find people going through the same struggles you are- people who can encourage you and pray for you

·       It’s a place where the Bible is studied (that’s the book God wrote that has the answers to pretty much anything we’re going through)

·       It’s a place where you can explore your purpose on this planet

·       It’s a place where you can find family

These are some of the reasons why The Refuge exists. No, we’re not perfect. But if you find your way here, you’ll get to meet a people who love the Lord Jesus with all their hearts, and will unconditionally share that love with you.





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